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What add, adhd meds wont cause weight gain? Do any help with losing weight?

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smileyhappy 23 Jun 2012


My 13 year old son was on Vyvanse and could not gain any weight plus it takes away your appetite. Alot of the Adhd meds are the same.

bumblebee90 23 Jun 2012

I agree with smileyhappy. Ruthie

cwrixon 30 Jun 2012

I take Vyvanse. It helped my ADHD and caused me to loose weight at first. I have been on various medications over the years and Vyvanse works the best. I lost weight at first on many of the medications, but I gained it back as my body got used to the medicine.

Lizardoli 28 Jul 2012

With any of the ADHD meds it it seems like you loose some wieght in the beginning, then as you get to the right rates, by tritrating up you may level out on your wieght, These meds can be aditive to the wrong diagnoses. It is best to see a shrink to see and talk about what is up, there maybe other things going on with you!

Coley1730 2 Jan 2017

My son is currently on 40mg of Vyvanse for his ADHD. Since he has been on this, he has gained 20 lbs. He was on 40 mg of Adderall rx previously but the dose couldn't go any higher so we had to change him. When he was on the Adderall rx, he was maintaining his weight perfectly. He isn't eating anymore then he did on the Adderall. He is a very picky eater since he also has Autism but I am very strict on sweets. We have his 6 month appointment on Jan 24 and I am so worried about his weight. I am diabetic and it also runs in our family, so needless to say I watch everything he eats and very concerned with any weight gain. I am trying not to go to the Ritalin side of the ADHD meds but that might have to be our next step. Any help that I could look into would be greatly appreciated. free discount card

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