Finally got a new Dr. . One who DOES WANT TO REALLY HELP ME. To me this is a rare find. I like a lot of others have a myriad of problems I take meds for. I do and always have had ADD/ADHD. ONE OR BOTH. I am not sure cause its the one problem I have I'm afraid to address. Not even sure why. I take medications and am wondering what medicine what be most likely the one that works best for me and the meds that I already take. I have Fibromyalgia since I was 29 yrs. Old. I'm 50 now and have been on so many different meds. It's really a sin. Had neck surgery for excruciating pain and now have plate and screws in neck and left with pain from that. I have a lot of stress and told by doc I'm depressed and having anxiety attacks weekly. Also found out the arthritis I thought I WAS STARTing TO get in my hands is already full blown. And on . Top of all this I do not sleep through the night and it's hard to fall asleep at all. Been this was for a yr. Or 2 & was using over the counter sleep tabs to no avail. New doc. Spent over an hour with me addressed everything and I'm actually feeling much better with the regiment I have been put on. I rambled on to her and she was wonderful. She put me on meds and I do ok right now. I never said anything about the ADD... ADHD. Not sure why. Feel so wierd about having it for some reason. I'm an artist who makes beautiful jewelry and do well with it. Now that my pain is somewhat in check I want so badly to start up with it. As you all know how it works... my ideas are all jumbled up. I plan out a design or a piece to make and can't find what I need without a making a mess or Finding my supplies fast enough to put it all together. My ideas seem to dissipate before coming to fruition. That in turn upsets me plus now I'm back to square one. My dream of this jewelry business could flourish if I could just get my mind to work with me. The doctor has helped me so much and I now take 5 to 6 prescription meds and vitamins too. I just don't know if for one... it's safe to be on something for ADD / ADHD? Number and for two is this too much medication for one person?. My dream has been on hold much too long and I'm VERY GOOD AT IT. I REALLY NEED SOME ADVISE. I feel as tho the doc helped me so much and now am i asking for too much?

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