... pregnant. I also suffer from major depression, and PTSD. I was taking topamax 400mg a day for the flash backs, 60mg cymbalta for the depression and back pain I have, and the ritalin. I am now taking 100mg welbutrin SR, a prenatal vitamin, and an omega 3 (been out of the omega 3 for a bout 2 months now.) Anyway I am overwhelmed, unfocused, and disorganized. I was told by my psych doc to stop taking the prescriptions because they are harmful to a baby(I stopped the topamax, cymbalta, and ritalin 6 months ago) and started taking the welbutrin 4 months ago because I was a reck not taking anything at all and hoped that the welbutrin would help w/depressin and add. I talked to my PCP and he said taking the ritalin would be fine as long as I stop once I know I am pregnant (and because I'm trying I am testing for ovulation monthly and can start early pregnancy testing if if I begin taking the ritalin again) my PCP's thoughts behind taking the ritalin is 1.being comfortable while trying 2. most ppl stop taking drugs harmful to a fetus only after they find out they are pregnant, and 3. if you are stressed conceiving is difficult at best. I guess I am just asking for opinins from people who have been through this. I will stop taking the ritalin while pregnant but am unsure if suffering before pregnancy is serving myself or the potential baby more harm than good