Once I got to the highest dose of adderal, at least for children, they put me on the lowest dose of concerta. I am only 14 years old and on a 54 ml pill. I don't take it on the week ends so I can recover from not eating anything all week, but since the recent death of my brother, I am extremely sleep deprived. Concerta has lasted till 10 or 11pm sometimes and I take at 5 or 6 six in the morning. But since the concentration level I get from medications constantly and gradually decreases month by month, I have to up the dosage all the time. They don't allow me to up it any more because of my weight and I can feel myself getting jittery during school and not paying attention in class any more. I am just dealing with a lot of pressure and am very sleep deprive because of my brother (I am an only child now fyi) and I kinda wanna get this fixed up a bit so any suggestions to help me out with anything will be appreciated. If you want to know more about my brother, google Jacob Schaedler 17. Thanks for listening.