In Middle school, I had immaculate skin. My first year in high school, i started to get moderate acne but then in my sophomore year, i started to get acne uncontrollably all over my face and back. I am now a junior and my acne has only calmed down only a bit. I went to my doctor and she recommended adapalene.
All of the reviews and my doctor say that adapalene takes a couple of months to work. I tried to be optomistic but i started using adapalene at the beginning of July and it is now December (five months)... My face looks no better, the only positive thing is that my acne is more dispersed rather than having huge patches of it.It is the worst on my cheeks. But I still wake up with white heads, red pimples, red spots, etc. I don't know if it is my skin or what but i put it on my face before I go to bed and wash it off in the morning. once every few weeks i'll wake up and my face will be semi clear (no red splotches but still pimples) and I think its finally working but then the next day its back to red splotchy pimples. is there another miracle cream that anyone knows of? (I do not want to take a pill) Should I continue using it and cross my fingers that my face is just more stubborn than most and needs more time? is there a certain face wash that works well with adapalene? (right now i use Biore) or should i give up and try something else?