I only took this Epiduo gel (benzoyl peroxide/ adapalene) because my dermatologist recommended it. I am also taking doxycycline every day and night. She instructed me to wearing it only for three days out of a week. Apply only once in the mornings with pea sized droplets on the 5 areas. Wait you leave the Epiduo gel on your skin right? You don't wash it off? Because I have been leaving it on my face. Okay so anyways I'm near the ending of week 2 and my skin looks worse than ever. Thankfully for me it's just my cheeks that have severe acne. But this gel made it look like it has cysts and there are red/brown areas which look dead. It's like a zombie apocalypse happened around both of my cheek areas. I was reading this forum people were saying it worked well for them right away and it was a miracle. Other said the treatment worsened their skin for the first month or hopefully less and then it starts working like a charm. I am honestly losing so much self esteem. I am depressed looking at the mirror constantly waiting for my skin to rip itself off. I feel gross compared to everyone else with their luscious skin. My acne didn't look this bad and now it looks horrible but I am not stopping because half of me has hope this is just part of the treatment. Especially since the fact that I am a guy and can't wear make up to cover it and it looks so gross and dead. Is this stuff legit or is it causing more harm to my face I really need to know!