So I woke up Saturday morning do these little tiny bumps that started at my lip and went down in little clusters to my chin almost. My mom thought it was a cold sore so I left it alone and treated it as if it was. Monday comes along and I just have a gut feeling it wasn't a cold sore. The doctor told me it was a staph infection. Gave me mupirocin ointment. Two days later it was doing nothing for me. So I go back in making this Wednesday afternoon. He said it doesn't look better and thought it was weird that ointment wasn't helping. They had a second doctor come in and say it was Impetigo. But the other doctor still wasn't sure. So he swabbed it so they can test it but in the mean time he put me on the Acyclovir ointment. It's only been one night. Since I am a teacher my boss is keeping me out since they don't know what it is for sure. I'm freaking out. It hasn't spread. It never oozed out puss but it looked puss filled at one point. Now they just look like crusty scabs that I'm dying to pick. Am I ever going to get better and return back to work? When will I see results?