I went to the emergency room today for a herpes outbreak it's pretty severe.
I was diagnosed with herpes when I was 14 years old sadly yes I was having sex.
I had the worst breakout then I was in the hospital for a week.
Well I'm 21 now and I noticed one little bump but didn't think anything of it because I haven't had a outbreak in so long.
Well it escalated two days later I'm burning and wanting it itch along my anus and vaginal opening.
So I went to the hospital well they gave me acyclovir 400 mg 3 times a day for 10 days. I was just wondering if it will help with the healing process and my sores and help with the itchiness. I know it doesn't cure my herpes they also gave me back up for any time I have any signs of it ever flaring up.
But as of now it is so bad that I have a ice pack between my legs wearing boxers and laying in bed.
They also gave me hydrocodiacetam 325mg twice a day for pain.
I wanna know ways to help with the itching the most. I see everyone is using the cream I feel like the pill won't work