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Acyclovir - when did this drug come out on the market?

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Brie34 15 Mar 2013

I do not know when Acyclovir originally came to market, yet, I took it back in 1980 when I was first diagnosed with HSV1 on my NOSE! Since then, they have greatly improved the strength of this drug. I now take either Famcyclovir or Valtrex prophylacticly (i.e. EVERY morning) to try to keep this virus from erupting.

When I get a severe breakout on my nose, which I have as we write to one another, I take up to a gram (i.e. 4 - 250 mg. Famvir) a day to try to stop it from becoming a HUGE problem. However, this time, I had to take it immediately. Because of some severe, unrelenting pain in my back, my body's immune system went away allowing the stress from the pain an an emotional upset to allow this virus in my nerve endings to ERUPT!
I wouldn't take Acyclovir for such a serious outbreak, as I know these newer drugs work far faster and better than Acyclovir.
Hope this helps, Betty.
Warm regards, Brie

DzooBaby 15 Mar 2013

Be careful Brie that you dont let it go so that it gets to your eyes. It can cause blindness if you get HSV on the cornea. I used to work for an ophthalmologist and once I went on vacation to Mexico and the sun brought out a whole line of blisters on my nose traveling up toward my eye and when I came back to work, the ophthalmologist had a fit! He put me on suppressive therapy right away and told me had the virus affected my corneas, I could have gone blind. free discount card

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