I am 51 years old, a cancer survivor and never, never, ever had an STD in my whole life. I either abstained, or was very careful. After an 8 year battle and winning Breast and Uterine cancer, and no sex what so ever in that time, I met someone that I finally allowed into my world, and I truly thought he cared about me. Lo and behold, not only did he know he had herpes, he denied it to me. Yes, I asked in the beginning of our meeting if he had any STD history. He lied. I believed him. After about 6 months of dating and being intimate, I noticed two small blisters by my vagina. Got it checked out and guess what, the SOB lied to me. When I confronted him, he just laughed and said yeah, he has it, and now I do to and that now I had to stay with and that no one would ever want me. He deliberately did this! I wanted to gut him. Needless to say, we broke up, rather loudly (on my part, I was so livid!) and told him to crawl back into the same gutter he crawled out of. I am still very angry. How does one stop this break out? I am soooo devastated.