running low (3 left) of my regularly prescribed (daily, to be taken for ever!) 200mg caplets (blue/white oblong), but have 400mg tablets (white/round) available. Can these be cut in half? Would 1/2 of a 400mg tablet be equivalent to one 200mg caplet. I know the caplet shell has a specific purpose, but I'm sure it is not an extended release capsule. And if it is, could I then take the other half of the400mg tablet later in the day, since my regular 200mg caplets are to be taken only once a day, taking the two halves spread out during the day may help mimic the retarding effect of the caplet. Albeit I'd be increasing the daily dosage, but I would be avoiding doubling it all at once, since the 200mg caplets tend to affect my stomach once in a rare while. Thank you.