I've been taking YAZ for a year now. I take my pill every day at 7pm regularly. This past friday I was due my last ACTIVE pill. I had unprotected sex with my SO that same friday night. On Saturday morning (7am) I realized I had missed my Friday pill and took it (12 hrs late). My period usually starts on the last placebo pills that is, on the 4th day after my active pill (Tuesdays).

I continued my placebo pills, and had a spotting on Tuesday, so I thought yay period! (I usually start with a brown discharge and THEN I have a healthy red flow for the next 3 days). However, I still haven't gotten my full "red" period, only small discharges. Yesterday I took my first active pill like I usually do, I am still concerned as to why I haven't had my normal period flow.

Could I be pregnant? Should I worry about having a period or not before starting my new pack. (I've always taken my pills regularly, never missed a pill (24hrs) and I'm a regular BC user, so this is somewhat an anomaly for me).