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What is the action of prednisolone with anti leprosy drugs and anti TB drugs?

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Mariasimms 14 Apr 2013

Hello Dawit
What drugs, other than prednisolone, are you taking?

endlessPred 15 Apr 2013

The anti leprosy is an antibiotic? TB meds have to be taken without stopping until full course and a clear TB test is done. Prednisolone is an anti inflammatory drug and used for very specific conditions.

Please tell us the medications you are talking about.

Mariasimms 15 Apr 2013

As far as I know prednisolone is ok with antibiotics (but of course individuals can have reactions to any meds). I'm assuming the TB med is also an antibiotic. If so you should be fine taking both but you might want to check with your GP for more information, particularly if you think you may be having a reaction.

suzanne66 15 Apr 2013

Steroids such as prednisolone are used in leprosy and TB to control the inflammation.

lukas kinyanjui 16 May 2013

individuals are known to react to drugs.some of the side effects of the above drugs include allergies and hypersensitivity reactions.For instance sulfones(dapsone and acedapsone) cause erythema nodosum leprosum,fevers when used in the treatment of leprosy.To counter the adverse reactions therefore individuals are advised to take corticosteroids such as prednisolone which are anti inflammatory free discount card

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