So on 4/10/15 I had sex but two hours later I took Take Action. The store did not have Plan B One Step. I went to bed after taking the pill.

Symptoms I noticed on 4/11/15 were
1. Fatigue
2. Cramping
3. Lower back pain
4. Diarrhea
5. Nausea

I still have symptoms as of today (the lower back pain comes and goes. The fatigue is only in the morning I still am able to go to sleep late like normal, cramping is still here and feels like period cramps but no period. I have diarrhea as well still and a lot in the morning)

I took Plan B one step March 2014 and got my period 12 days after sex. It lasted 5 days then I got my period 4 days late in April. But how will I know I got my period this time? Since I'm feeling sick how can I tell my period is coming?

My last period was 3/31/15- 4/7/15 and period trackers say my period should arrive 4/30/15