I started yaz because I've had pretty bad hormonal acne since I was 16. (I'm 18 now) I've been on the pill for about a month and a half now and my skin seems to be getting worse. Really painful cysts and little white heads about my mouth, jaw, and cheeks, and really red. some breakouts are just extremely big and hard. and won't pop. It does seem to be clearing up body breakouts, I haven't really had any breakouts on my back since starting it. I keep seeing that 3 months seems to be the magic number, so I'm wondering if is this just apart of the initial breakout or is this the wrong pill for me? When did others start to see any differences in their acne? I'm getting really hopeless because acne was the whole reason I started Yaz. Please let me know if you've had a similar experience or any hope you can give me!