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Acitretin - is it all right to drink beer with this drug? not pregnant and cannot get pregnant?

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Stephen Treloar 17 Dec 2016

It is contra indicated for use with alcohol as alcohol makes it undergo a chemical change to a longer lasting other drug as far as I can tell: It is a huge document and the drug interactions (of which there are many), but you will find the contra indications/adverse reactions about one third down. Most of it is devoted to birth defects, not just the chance of them but the almost certainty of having a badly deformed child if it lives.
"Drug Interactions:

Clinical evidence has shown that etretinate can be formed with concurrent ingestion of acitretin and ethanol (see boxed CONTRAINDICATIONS AND WARNINGS and CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY: Pharmacokinetics)."

Please take care as there is also a warning about increased photosensitivity. free discount card

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