I have been suffering from Silent LPR and symptoms of GERD for over a year. Finally after seeing my doctor several times, she recommended me to an ENT. Both doctora couldn't tell me what it was but prescribed me omeprazole. Took the medicine for 6 months and nothing, no change in my symtoms. Finally went to see a Gastro and have basically been a lab rat for the past 3 months. Every month trying a different medication. It is very annoying. My symptoms are a feeling of a ball in my throat along with a foamy white saliva which causes me to spit alot. I also work out alot and noticed that any time I would do cardio, my throat willl tighten up and hard to breathe in but ever since the doctor recently changed my medicine, that hasn't bothered me much. My symptoms definitely get bad when I eat chocolate and it seems also that water makes my symptoms worse as well. I have been on omeprazole, loratadine, pantropazole, was recently on lansprazole and currently on carafate. I would like some input about aciphex and with my symptoms if anyone thinks it may be worth the money or if they have any other input on another medication.