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Aciphex - Has anyone experienced vomiting & inability to keep anything down after missing a dose?

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kaismama 13 Jun 2013

You should not be having this response unless you have a major problem with you stomach. There isn't any withdrawal from meds like aciphex.

Random Patient 25 Nov 2013

You shouldn't have that fast of a bad type of reaction unless..

Option A, you were already at that point and riding the line and the Aciphex just pushed a little bit to the stuff staying down side. And Missing it just put you back to where you were likely to vomit anyway.

Option B, you have very serious problems and need to see a doctor about that.

Option C, is you ate food that was really spicy or acidic and the increased pain from additional aggravation of your injured body caused things to get worse or react.

Option D, Psychosomatic induced causes and effect from your own mind causing fear and effects from tress and anxiety effecting your body. Which vomiting and nausea are often common responses/signs.

If you have to take medication to shut down the acid pumps in your stomach, then some diet modifications should happen. This includes carbonated beverages and alcoholic drinks. Both are harsh on the stomach lining and thin/raw/ulcer parts will be far more susceptible to "negative stimulation" and may spasm from the pain . this spasm and pain leading to vomiting.

After missing a single dose, it would be very rare for you to be effected liked that . Especially if it is a regular occurrence. More medical attention would be needed to look for the cause and worst issues. free discount card

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