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Acidophilus - Is it just for diarea or constipation as well?

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docjemma 11 Jan 2012

Acidophilus is just one strain of "good" bacteria (probiotic). The whole name would be Lactobacillus acidophilus. When you look at a probiotic label, you would like to have many different strains of bacteria to help rebalance your gut. When you look at the label, the ones that start with "Lactobacillus - L's" do much of their work in the small or "Little" intenstine. The strains that begin with the word "Bacillus - B's" do their work in the large or "Big" intestine. You need both. However, for constipation relief, more of the "B's" will be even better. Constipation is can be a complex issue. Some factors might be dehydration, deficiency of magnesium, lack of fiber, lack of exercise, and as you're exploring, imbalance in the normal bacteria in the colon, often allowing overgrowth of the "bad" bacteria which raise pH and can create constipation. This is just a short list of possible causes. Adding a high potency probiotic (with lots of L's and B's, heavy on the B's) can help to support your "army" of good bacteria and crowd out the unpleasant invaders! I hope this was helpful for you! free discount card

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