Greetings. Please refer to me as the letter L.
I have a question that I want to ask, if I may.
I am very positive I have ADHD ( Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder). Ever since I was little, I daydreamed during classes at school, I could never sit down without " fixing" my pants and underwear, if I do not It's very uncomfortable, not painful, but just uncomfortable. I can never organize anything. I can not make a decision, as to what kind of schedule should I follow, I get bored very easily. I lack motivation, I always get distracted and sidetracked at everything I do. The longest time that I was able to keep going forward with something that is precious to me, was 3 months, but even during those 3 months, I would be distracted a lot. I am getting angry at myself, for lacking persistence.
From the age of 11 or 12, to this day ( I am 18) I experienced and still experience depression, very frequently, sometimes lasting from few hours to weeks and months. For that reason a year ago I got onto " illegal" drugs, which made me feel better.. At least they made me think that I was feeling better. I started to harm myself as well. I got arrested twice and jailed once. Somehow I stopped the drugs 6 months ago, but I still experience severe Depression, lack of motivation and persistence.
I do not ask for a way to be treated, I do not want any treatment.. I will have to deal with it, it is part of my life.
I just want to ask, can I .. achieve something in life even though I have ADHD ? Even though, I lack the motivation for anything.. ? Can I achieve and follow my dream, even though I have ADHD .. ?
I do apologize for the way too long question, but any answers and hopefully advice would be very appreciated.
Thank you :).