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What would be the effects of being exposed to Acetone over a long period of time?

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Inactive 19 Jun 2011

Hi Carmen,
Could you please add more information to your question?
What side effect did you have? And how were you exposed to acetone?
Nail polish remover?
Thank you,
And all the best to you.

Hello sweetlemon I work at a company and I've been sposed to pure acetone for the past 10 yrs... I have running nose every morning and was wondering if.acetone is the reason why? I do protect myself with gloves and dust mask but I do get it on me every now and.then

Inactive 19 Jun 2011

This could potentially be dangerous, please google it, do you know how to do that? Research acetone exposure on the net.
You could get quite a bit of info that way!
Best wishes to you,

SourGrapes 15 Nov 2011

You asked for additional info, and when it was provided, you instructed the poster to use Google. How did people find that helpful, and why did you bother to attempt an answer? When you have no idea, "I don't know" is valid, and the best response is none at all.

Inactive 18 Nov 2011

Hi sourgrapes (love your username!! it fits you well)
This Q is as old as dirt. And if you care to answer, as opposed to critiquing my answer, then by all means, have at it.
Have a nice day sourgrapes.

Inactive 18 Nov 2011

I am in total aggreeance with this comment by sweetlemon! Yes, she did ask for futher info, but then after receiving it decided she did not know the answer so told the person asking the question, Carmen, I believe that she should goggle the effects of acetone exposure over a long period of time. So what is wrong with that? Some people on here, would not know where or what to do if someone did not direct them. I also agree with sweetlemon on your name because sourgrapes is very befitting to you. If you don't have the answer, which apparently you don't, then why come on here & critisize someone who is trying to answer a question. You didn't have an answer at all for Carmen so go blow joe...

Inactive 18 Nov 2011

You are so funny and so right on this... situation. Tis sad that sourgrapes has joined, it would appear, just to harass me. Take a look, no answers, no Q's, nothing, nada and zero. I hope it blocks me!!
Love ya,
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