I have been taken this meds for almost a year and my dr said i may have this problem until i have a kid im only 19 i will be 20 in june ... Im tired of my head hurting.. I still have bad days some even wit taken this meds 1000 mg a day and headache meds at nite before i sleep ... I had a mri and eye ex. Done first and my nerves behind my eyes was almost shot ... My mri was good and then i had a spinal tap and i had a ok presser in it .. Wasnt perfect but they said wasnt bad either they said was in between there numbers of normal but at the higher end watever tht ment so now i feel like they are throwin me out just meds to shut me up bc they dont kno ... I havent been taken my spinal meds in the mornings the past 2 nites b/c in the mornings it makes me feel baf but at nite i do take all my meds but ive felt tht my back has been hurttin a lil .. But im wonderin if my body has just gotten use to tht spinal meds .. And kinda scares me bc i dont want to be on all this meds if i dont need to be and if its goin to make my body feel like its goin to do it for it so there for it wont do it ... Kinda scared ... Sorry i wrote so much! Thanks