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Acetaminophen/Tramadol - can you take tramadol-acetaminophn for opiate withdrawal?

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kaismama 1 Dec 2012

I doubt it will help. And you're just substituting another drug that can be hard to get off of.

Dramaticfashion 1 Dec 2012

Well when i went into rehab they gave me ultram i thought tramadol is the samething thank you!

kaismama 1 Dec 2012

It is, did it help you the other time?

balbanese 1 Dec 2012

You can, but it will more than likely cause you more trouble than help. Try to find a Dr who will help you the correct way (and I do not mean a Methadone or Sub clinic). Also, get hooked up with a recovery group for support and to help you avoid relapse. Best to you. Hope this helps.

balbanese 1 Dec 2012

Hey, that one went through without a review, maybe I'm free again???

Lisa01 2 Dec 2012

I hope so my friend, we've missed you and your wonderful insight around here!

MacIntosh12 2 Dec 2012

Tramadol is a synthetic narcotic, or 'narcotic like synthetic analgesic' YET, it is very addictive! If you use this to help with opiate w/d you are putting yourself in danger, as stopping Trams abruptly may cause SIEZURES!
As balbanese has indicated, you are just subsituting for another opiate. It may help in the short run, but it will only makes things way worse in the long run, plus you run the risk of addiction and or siezures.

If you click on latest questions, you may find a question about Tramadol withdrawal, and the hell it is causing for another person.
I do hope you stay away from Trams, it can only make matters worse.

mister704 6 Dec 2012

yes it does help with the restless leg syndrome which for me is the worse part of opiate withdrawal

Dramaticfashion 6 Dec 2012

thank you for all your comments

betterdays12 15 Dec 2012

So the tramadol / ultram not a good idea at all from my experience. Worst choice I ever made. For me quitting hydros was way easier. But then again my doctor had me on 200mg 4 times a day. And then I moved went to see a different Dr and they said they don't prescribe that to people and gave me one clonidine at night. The clonidine dose not help for me. Truly the b vitamins and all healthy stuff helps the best to restore your over all health. I'm on day 18 and sleep maybe 3 hours waking up once an hour every other day. I've been taking (opiates) for about 8 years and It's really messed me up. My pupils are different sizes can't sleep shaking everywhere can't stop. A hot bath makes it go away but only for a little while. There's nothing worse you could ever experience so if your not in it too far quit while your a head it only gets worse the longer you take things to mask the real problems.

Julliet 17 Dec 2012

Don't do that! I'm addicted to tramadol . It is harder to get off than opiates.

CardiaCrank 27 Jul 2013

Dodge the Trams. As stated earlier, they are synthetic opioids. I swapped between Trams and Loratabs many times, and the big diff is Trams are tiny, and weak individually, and you very easily could end up eating 10+ at a time to find that sweet spot. Kratom is helping me a lot, buttttt, same thing, only less severe. free discount card

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