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Acetaminophen/Oxycodone - what does an oxy codone 30 milligram look like?

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LaurieShay 17 Feb 2013

Because oxycodone is a generic manufactured by numerous different companies there are lots of different looks. You can see them all by going to:

There are numerous pages to see.

fancyforty 21 Apr 2013

i'm not familiar with any 30 mg form of oxycodone that would have tylenol(acetaminophen)in someone else replied,there are several different manufacturers out there who make them;but what i am familiar with is a small round blue pill with an 'A' on top with a score in the middle with the numbers 215 on the bottom half of the pill~ACTAVIS is the drug maker on that particular pill..QUALITEST PHARMACEUTICALS also makes a 30mg oxycodone hydrochloride(not to be confused with HYDROCODONE in any way!)it's simply the name of the pill form;it's markings have a 'fancy' V on one side of the small round blue pill and 48|12 (that being a score in the center of the pill)on the other side..also the manufacturer MALLINCKRODT has one that has a 'boxed in M' on one side & on the other side it has a score in the middle with just the numbers 30 on top of the score,it also is a light blue colored pill. free discount card

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