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Acetaminophen/Oxycodone - whats the difference betwee oxcycodone and hydrocodone?

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DzooBaby 31 Jul 2013

They are both opioid drugs. Hydrocodone is only available in the US combined with acetaminophen (Tylenol). It is a schedule III controlled substance. Oxycodone is available both with and without acetaminophen and it is also available in a long acting formula (Oxycontin). (Hydrocodone is not available as a long acting drug in the US.) Oxycodone is a schedule II controlled substance which means it has a higher abuse potential (read stronger). You have to have a new written script for each fill of oxycodone. Hydrocodone can have refills and it can also be called in to the pharmacy. Both are effective for pain.

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Anniebananie12 2 Aug 2013

Great answer, DzooBaby!

bobsy 25 Jan 2014

Well now that it is 2014, the FDA made a change in all meds (including hydrocodone and oxycodone) that contain APAP (acetaminophen). The new FDA rule is that meds containing APAP must contain no more than 325 mg of APAP in the pill. No more Vicodins w/ 500 mg of Tylenol, or Lortabs with 650 mgs of Tylenol, etc. The FDA is now requiring that all pills that have acetaminophen levels in it of no more than 325 mg of Tylenol, which is the equivalent of 1 regular Tylenol tablet. Also is this, the usual recommended dose of Extra-Strength Tylenol (each Extra-Strength Tylenol contains 500 mg of acetaminophen) is two tablets every 6 hours, taking no more than 8 tablets a day. So now one can take 3 tablets of hydrocodone/APAP, which would equal 975 mg of Tylenol (a little bit less than the 1000 mgs of acetaminphen in 2 Extra-Strength Tylenols), if they need that level of pain control. The rule of thumb would be take no more than 12 hydrocodone/APAP tablets per day, MAXIMUM. free discount card

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