My doctors all refuse to listen to me and because of the fact that I'm only 22 and I look a little different its very hard to get them to believe how much pain in in. 10 months ago I had a little girl and a few weeks after that my back started hurting, badly. So I went to the doctor. They did some tests mostly just xrays and found that my pelvic bone is elevated. Well when I tried to explain to her everytime I went back that the pain was spreading and getting worse she really didn't want to do anything. Shes given me flexeril, cyclobenzaprine, naproxyn, and now shes given me methocarbamol. None of these medications helped me at all and with having a little baby, they were very hard to take because they made me very tired. Because I was in so much pain, my mom started to give me her oxycodone. And before I took it i would literally just sit in a ball legs crossed bent over my body and crying. At first they made me a little sick, but then I got used to them and when I finally got over the sickness they helped me. But I swear I have tried soooo many other things and nothing helps. Except for the hydrocodone and the oxycodone. But in this state and especially at my age and with how I look no one is ever going to prescribe me this. Last time I went to the doctors I asked her to do an MRI which she finally agreed to, but only on my lower back. She doesn't think I have nerve damage she thinks I have really tight muscles due to muscle spasms and that hot baths and muscle relaxers should help, but they don't. So please if anyone can help me figure out what's wrong with me, here are my symptoms, pain in all of back, extends to base of skull and into shoulders and arms, as well as the legs all the way to my ankle, also during certain things like changing my daughters diaper or bending over for too long or sitting with my legs up, makes my legs go numb. Mind you, its only been ten months and I started with only back pain. So I feel its progressing very fast and I'm really scared that my doctor wont hear me out and I could be permanently damaged for life. I'm in school to become a dental assistant and I have a ten month old baby, I don't want to lose everything because my doctor doesn't want to hear me.