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Acetaminophen/hydrocodone - hydrocodone-apap 10-660, details, dose strength?

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christineATU 2 Jul 2010

APAP means it has acetaminophen (660mg) The hydrocodone is is an opiate pain reliever, 10mg in strength. It is addicting and shouldn't be taken for an extended period of time. High doses of acetaminophen may cause damage to the liver. It is a Class lll controlled substance with a moderate potential for abuse.

jeff-e 2 Jul 2010

is this the strongest in the group? or is there a pill that is stronger in this group of vicodone? i was told that it is the strongest with the least amount of tylenol?

christineATU 2 Jul 2010

There are hydrocodone based meds that have less acetaminophen. I think Lortab is one brand. It has 10mg hydro but only 300mg acetaminophen. There are other meds on the market. You can call the pharmacist who will know all about the hydro based meds and acetaminophen levels.
Good luck to you,

loncar 31 Dec 2011

how long does hyrocodone/apap 10mg/660mg 5 times a day stays in your urine? free discount card

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