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Acetaminophen/Hydrocodone - can vicodin 5/500 be used to treat a migraine?

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laurajary 27 Oct 2009

I have never had a migraine, but I have been told by several friends that do have them that hydrocodone does not help at all. I wish I could offer some help, but I don't have any idea what would be effective.

ellie1968 30 Oct 2009

The codeine in vicodin is so addictive dude, and the aceteminophen level is so high, it's likepoisn to your liver. The breakdown goes like this... if you have a 5/500 vicodin, you are getting 5mg. codeine/ 500mg. aceteminophen. Being on the liver transplant list isnt any funok,trust me. Take ES Excedrin, put a hot wet cloth on the back of your neck, and have someone feed ya ice chips. Works for me most of the time. Save the narcotics for the people in the hospitol operating room bro', lol, you alright. Just think... for real. I'm here for ya. ellie

dragonfly100 14 Jan 2010

That is exactly what my doctor prescribed for me. I was prescribed 30 pills a month initially, about a year ago. Now my PCP prescribes 120 a month. I have an issue if the pills are in the house, I take them! Be very careful and only take them as prescribed. I have a friend that takes Perocet and that works better for her. You may need to work with your doc to see what is a better fit.

Psychmajor 14 Jan 2010

thats like using acid for cluster headaches. Yeah it works but it does damage to your body i wouldnt recomend it.

mitjason 14 Jan 2010

I would recommend a medication called Stadol NS. It's Butorphanol. It's a schedule 3 narcotic so doctors prescribe it more often and are willing to do so. It's used for migraines and works great. It comes in a 2.5ml bottle and has a nasal spray that you spray into your nostril once and that usually takes care of the migraine. The bottle contains approximately 15 sprays. I've only heard great things about it. Hope this helps. free discount card

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