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Acetaminophen/Hydrocodone - Is the v 3601 pill the same as vicodines?

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25 Jan 2013

it is the same as vicodin 10/325

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26 Jan 2013

Vicodin is just a brand name for hydrocodone/APAP (and Vicoprofen being the same thing, manufactured by the same manufacturer, except instead of the combination of hydrocodone being with acetaminophen, it's combined with ibuprofen) , just as Lortab is a name brand for the same exact thing (and Lortab also has its own non-acetaminophen hydrocodone mixture, Lortab ASA, except is mixed with an amount of aspirin instead of the ibuprofen in Vicoprofen, the "ASA" standing for the aspirin in the compound, similar to how the "APAP"stands for acetaminophen in all prescription medications that have any amount of acetaminophen in the medication, like oxycodone/APAP [best known by its name brand version, Percocet], codeine/APAP [brand name of Tylenol 3, though back when I had a prescription for it, it was called Tylenol 2, I think it's just a strength difference, since apparently there's Tylenol 4 now], codeine/ guaifenesin syrup [namebrand Robitussin AC.

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kaismama 26 Jan 2013

There always has been a tylenol 4, and you are correct, The higher the number the more codeine in the pill. 2 has 15 mg, 3 has 30 and 4 has 60

PoisonAlice 7 Feb 2013

Funny, because way back when I was prescribed it, they would prescribe you either T2s, and the next step up from that was 5mg hydrocodone. Perhaps it was just the doctors I saw in that time period?

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