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Accutane - has anyone used this for hydradentist supravia???

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suzanne66 13 Nov 2012

Definitely worth a try, treatment is usually for 6 to 12 months. Good luck.

jenrat79 14 Nov 2012

I was prescribed Accutane in my late teens for acne. This drug has many side effects and is only suppose to be prescribed for the most severe cases, but I talked my Dr into letting me try it even though I only had mild acne. After about a week, my skin was so clear and perfect but I began having headaches which were mild for a few days and got progressively worse. Of course as a teenager, I wasn't worried about my health, just happy my skin was clear. The headaches became continuous and so severe I could barely open my eyes, so I had to see my Dr. As soon as I arrived in his office he checked my eyes and I was transported immediately to the ER. My intracranial pressure was so high it was very close to permanent brain damage level. Meaning that the Accutane had caused my brain to begin slowly swelling. I had to have shunts placed and be continuously monitored in CCU for about 2 weeks. Then spent another 2 weeks in the hospital for precaution. Thankfully, I am 33 years old now and have no lasting effects from that experience. So if you do decide to take Accutane just do your research and try to determine if the possible benefits outweigh the possible complications. I thought at the time that my experience was extremely rare, but in the 15 yrs since I have read many reports of severe and fatal side effects from Accutane. Good luck with your decision. free discount card

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