I am53 and have very painful cystic acne on my chin,nose,and forehead. They hurt so bad I just want to get at them but you can't do that with cystic acne. I have not had clear skin in like two years. I am sick of this. I already have wrinkles, sun damage( grew up in southern ca), age spots, and hypo pigmentation. None of these things bother me. The acne is so painful and just stays and bothers me extremely. I did not have acne as a teenager so this is new to me. Don't know if it's part of menopause. I have tried every product out there, every kind of peel, facials with what extraditions they could get to, antibiotics you name it. I cannot get my face cleared up and I feel very embarrassed. Should I talk to my dermatologist about accurtane? I am at the end of my rope with this battle