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Accidentally took wife's Lozartin?

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kaismama 2 Apr 2015

You'll bp will be low today. How strong are the pills? This is why I have always advocated two things ,keep your meds separated from anyone else and look at the pill before you put it in your mouth.

DzooBaby 2 Apr 2015

You should always read the label carefully when it comes to medication. Make sure it is the Right Drug at the Right Time for the Right Person and the Right Route of delivery (a pill to be swallowed, or under the tongue, a suppository, a cream etc) It probably wont hurt you unless your blood pressure drops too low. When you rise from sitting, take a few moment to gain your balance before taking off walking. You may get lightheaded a moment when you first stand, some people have even passed out. It is just gravity pulling the blood away from the brain and the blood pressure not high enough to make up for effects of gravity. Can be uncomfortable but usually not harmful unless you pass out and fall. Drink plenty of water today to keep blood volume up. You should be okay by tomorrow. If your B/P drops too low and you pass out more than once, get yourself to Urgent Care or Emergency. free discount card

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