I've been taking Tri-Sprintec (generic Ortho Tri Cyclen combination pill) for 1yr4mo now (on time, never missed a pill, no antibiotics). I had intercourse a day after my "period" ended (and I was 3 days into a new pack of active pills). The condom broke.

So this is the week of my next "period", but I accidentally took 1 active pill from my new pack instead of starting the placebo week. Today I'm supposed to start my "period", but I only saw one spot of bright red blood on my pad.

Is my "period" delayed now? I've experienced the headache and nausea already. Also, I'm sure I'm not pregnant, but my breasts had leaked a clear, oily liquid last week, with manipulation (I have a 5 yo and haven't lactated since he was a couple months old). I'm not sure if this is new or I never noticed it before.