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I accidentally took Benzatropine, I have a drug test in 14 days. Will it show up??

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Inactive 7 Jan 2013

Hello Liandel. There is no drug on the market named Benzatropine. If you meant to say Benzodiazepine it will depend on the dose, as well as what particular type. (there are 3 classifications) Regards pledge

Liandel 7 Jan 2013

It is also known as cogentin...

kaismama 7 Jan 2013

If you are referring to benztropine, or the brand name cogentin, there is no reason for them to test for it, its no where near a controlled medication. How did you accidently take it? There really is no excuse for that and you need to be more careful. Read the labels before you take a medication, and keep your meds seperate from those of others. free discount card

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