I had sex for the first time in a month and a half on Thursday July 26th , about an hour into sex we noticed that just less than a minute ago the condom slipped inside of me ,after that we took it out right away but the condom didn't have semen in it as he had not finished yet but since was scared that it might have pre-seminal liquid I took a morning after pill less than 24 hours later... one detail is that I had ovulation pain that day and the day before that. I've had some of the usual symptoms, the next day after taking the pill I had nausea and really mild cramps , now it's been 4 days since taking the pill and I have bloating , nausea , cramps and thick white discharge and I don't know if the pill worked although I think it did but there is still no period and I don't know when it should come since I am irregular.

Think the pill worked ?