I had a accident on Monday on my bike. I was going about 30mph an I landed on my left shoulder. An I was down for awhile feeling like I was a rib or back. Laying there realized it was my shoulder. An could not move my arm at a 90 angle passed my nipple barely to below my peck. I could not move my should without sharp pain. It's dulled down to a point now being Friday but I have a bump in the bone an alittle gap. The bump is just before my shoulder joint an that is opinion of to my other shoulder gap maybe half inch. I know hospital check it. But I have a major fear of hospital because of my childhood an health issues. Just wonder what is. Chip bone. Dislocation. Separated. I can handle pain. It's mostly at top not my collar bone but the bone connected. Just before my shoulder. I have about 65 70% movement without pain.pressing down does hurt