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What can I do abt the fatigue, I sleep all day, I can barely drive?

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kaismama 30 Jan 2014

Are you sleeping at night? Are you eating a balanced diet? Do you have any chronic illnesses? What meds are you on?

Kitty 30 Jan 2014

Are you sleeping at night? Taking meds?

DzooBaby 30 Jan 2014

Your best bet is to see your Dr for a good work up to see what is going on. They will need a full list of any meds you take regularly including over the counter and they will need to do some blood tests as well.

Delila 30 Jan 2014

Just a thought... I am also suffering with these symptoms (+ others) at the moment, and the reason i am feeling this way is due to low blood pressure. Is this something you are familiar with? I am waiting on tests to check blood samples for thyroid function and anaemia + an ECG, to determine the cause. My medication is also a factor in my hypotension. As already suggested, if you don't know what is causing your symptoms, make an appointment with your doctor to get to the bottom of it...

endlessPred 11 Feb 2014

Blood test at the doctor is needed. Many things can make this happen including: narcolepsy, thyroid dysfunction, new medications, stress, depression, lack of sleep, lights on in sleeping room, irregular working hours, major illness like cancer and such. A doctor will help you sort this out. Be sure to explain all of this including anything that may make you feel shy to the doctor. free discount card

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