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I have an abscessed tooth and only have 3 keflex 500mg will this help at all?

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kaismama 2 Sep 2014

Its not a good idea to take only a few antibiotics for an infection, that's how resistant bacteria are made. See your dentist.

animalfan 3 Sep 2014

I'm talking about something I feel strongly about. Why is it that people with rotting out, abscessed teeth, are just let go on to possibly get a brain abscess, heart valve infection or sepsis? If say it's a heart valve infection, the treatment is often 6 or more months in the hospital on IV antibiotics.This costs many times more than extracting the teeth and dentures. Where else in medicine is something so dangerous, just let go? Sorry for the long rant-I just can't wrap my head around this stupidity! There are dental schools that will help, but not all. Dental insurance, at best pays 50%. Thanks for listening/reading!

SHEsevEN4 4 Jan 2015

Call Dentist, get it checked out, you need a full course to get rid of the infection. free discount card

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