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I have an abscess in my lower back on top of my left cheek! what can I do please pain free???

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Marvell 6 Feb 2013

Have you seen the doctor for antibiotics? If you haven't then I suggest that you do. If you are on antibiotics and still in pain you can take acetaminophen or ibuprofen (if this isn't contraindicated for you). These should help with the pain.

DzooBaby 6 Feb 2013

You may want to see a dermatologist. Antibiotics may be needed and/or they may need to drain the abcesses. If they do need to drain them, they can do it under anesthetic so it will not be painful.

PoisonAlice 6 Feb 2013

I'm actually in the same situation, except mine's under my arm, and I have experience with having them. What you can do is keep a moist warm towel on it to relieve the pain and also try to bring it to a head, as once it starts draining, the pain gets better. In the meantime, taking acetaminophen will take the heat and therefore a little of the pain from it, and taking an anti-inflammatory will help with the pain from the inflammation and swelling. If it doesn't come to a head and start draining on its own, or it starts growing in size, gets harder, etc., go see a doctor ASAP as it'll probably need to be lanced and drained. They give you a local anesthetic before lancing it. It works rather well for most people and many only feel the pressure and not the pain from the procedure. And it'll actually start feeling better after having it lanced, as it allows it to drain and relieves the pressure. It's gross at first but you strangely get used to it.

endlessPred 7 Feb 2013

Poison Alice is very correct. ESP. About MRSA possibility. Gone are the days when things like MRSA did not exist.

I once had a lesion on my neck. Was painfully stung by a brown recluse spider. Had no idea what it was. The hospital said they would have to have a surgeon remove the area. I saw a local doc and he gave me me a huge syringe full of penicillin and told me to soak it with hot warm cloth until the top came off. Ran a high fever in 98degree heat. Gangrene. This spider bite causes a necrotic lesion and the scab is so thick that poking with a scapel doesn't make a nick. They are common in the south and this was around St. Louis. It took two days of compress on until cool and then back on again as warm as was comfortable. Avoided surgery.

Definitely see a doctor. You will need more to get rid of it than you think. And you will feel so much better. Just remember the pus is contagious with bacteria so wear gloves and carefully dispose of bandages and such. you won't want to get it elsewhere or on someone else.

PoisonAlice 7 Feb 2013

Yeah, I forgot to add the bit about keeping it covered with plenty of gauze and using gloves when changing and cleaning it, washing any towels and clothes that come in contact with a draining abscess in very hot water, etc., but that's usually stuff explained by doctors. I think the strangest feeling in the world when you get it lanced is the packing, with the wound left open to drain with the packing outside the body, it's a strange feeling if you accidentally tug a small bit of that out.

meyati 7 Feb 2013

Last year my son had one- more in the crack. He spent too many hours on an exercise bike. It was deep, and they had to take a needle and drain it. Antibiotics of course. Down there, they call them saddle sores. free discount card

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