From the first tingle to healing does it skip stages? whats does a mild case of cold sore look like?
Help guys I'm really confused cause online the pictures they have on cold sores look horrible. And the symptoms don't all match up to mines. So basically last Friday which is now a week later I got what I wana describe as a residual swelling. Felt a tingle and bam it was there like if a bug bit me. So right away I assumed hsv. It did not look like a blister or a pimple although if u looked at it with the phone flash light u could see like 3 really tiny white head. I applied crushed garlic few times for 1 minute dabbed some peroxide and I did the colgate treatment Friday night and sat night and by Sunday a bigger surrounding area turned red which made it look like a cold sore. Which was due to me using colgate. I started applying tee trea oil round this time but not sure if the scab was blocking the effect. Mon into tue full scab now. Wed the scab fell off and The skin was pink. When showering it turns white. Thur into friday it looks practically the same as last Friday. Not sure if it's healing and the lining of the actual sore is what I'm seeing but im confused. I've read when u have a scab it turns white when wet but how bout after scab falls of does it turn white when wet? Also just noticed under very bright light I could see like a tiny redish Orange crust forming in the middle but u really have to look hard. Idk this my first time dealing with this and since I read it's common I was hoping anyone can help me maybe yA had same symtoms if this is mild form. Again no pain just on and off tingle. Thanks. Sore is very small it's not on the lip. Prob touching the outer layer of my corner lip.