Hi there, i am on half an orange suboxone pill and want to get to a quarter of a pill but my q is what will happen? I want to do half one day then quarter followed by 2 days regular dose then quarter dose. So has anyone done this and do you get withdrawals? I took a quarter yesterday at 9am and my full dose today 9:30am and only thing i noticed was diarea at 8am. I dont know if this is related. I have no other symptons other than a stomach ache but i am laying around. i usually am working but had to take care of something this morning. I just wish there was more info out there about the time frame of when withdrawals actually start and if you can still get them even with a reduced dose.

I have been taking 4mg daily since oct 4th. 2010.

Thank you to all the coragious people who post their experiences as I dont know anyone else and am considering going to a narcotics aa meeting tonight to further my treatment.

what do you guys think? anyone here try meetings?