my friend was on medicaid. she came off and got on her hubbys insurance and began going to the dr about her depression. she was later sent a letter and billed for over 600 dollars worth of dr visits. the insurance company said her depression was a pre-existing condition. they will not pay for her treatmeant. everybody told me that obama did away with the pre-existing condition thing. but then i was also told that a loop hole was found so that the insurance companies can still use pre-existing conditions to turn ppl down for health care.
im about to get off of medicaid and get insurance where i work. im scared that i wont be covered to go to the pain clinic anymore about my back. its the same insurance my friends' hubby has. we all work at the same place. is there anything that can be done about it? can you fight the insurance company or appeal it if they say its a pre-existing condition and they wont cover it???