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About how long does it take for Celexa to kick in?

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Inactive 11 Dec 2011

Hello seoulite. If you are just starting out on the drug, you might feel some of the side effects shortly after beginning to take the drug. Theraputically, usually between three to four week period of time. Hope you find it a comfortable drug to be on and that it works well for you Best wishes,

Inactive 11 Dec 2011

Good morning my friend. Coffees hot & today there are donuts to be had. All are welcome! Mary

Inactive 11 Dec 2011

And a good Sunday morning to you Mary. Donuts and coffee, sounds great. fresh pot just finished perking. Have a great day friend,

Inactive 11 Dec 2011

Hi Mary and pledge!!! (I'm sorry seouilite for hijacking your Q, but I think you got good answers!!) I miss you all so much! I'm using hubbie's puter because mine has bit the proverbial dust! I'm hoping santa brings me a new one.
So, ummm, I've just got to say, I noticed we have another big vic situation going on, s'up with that?
Happy Holidays to you all !!!

Inactive 11 Dec 2011

Hi Lara, I hope you can stay with us awhile. Good to hear from you. I don't think our new friend will mind if we chat a bit. We did have quite the problem yesterday, but I am hoping the site has taken care of it. I have found the reference if you are interested. I will print below. Thanks my friend...

Inactive 11 Dec 2011

Hey there Lara :-0) Talk about a stranger. And good morning again Mary! Like old times ha! Fresh muffins, still some doughnuts and coffee and tea to go. My wife is going to use the pc, so I'am out of business for awhile. Have a good, no great day, see you later Ladies.

Delila 12 Dec 2011

Hi, Pledge is right, it is common to take up to 4 weeks for you to feel the full effects of this medication. I just wanted to add my response to tell you that i was started on 20mg with the view to look at it after the 4 week point to see how i was doing... i found that i was very depressed and emotional and my dose was increased after 3 weeks, at which point i felt a world of difference! I have been on celexa for about 2 years now and really like them. I hope you have as much success. Just take care over the induction period because sometimes they can make you feel worse before you feel better. See your doctor if you have bad induction side effects. free discount card

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