Hello Everyone,

I felt like I just had to make a separate question/post about this. I mentioned it in 2 other places but this could be important to a lot of people. Especially folks who live where docs are scarce and Sub docs even more scarce. I have read where some people have to travel 50 miles or more to see a Sub doc.

I don't want to say any names, but someone on another board told me that ANY doctor who can prescribe narcotics can also write Suboxone or Subutex for pain. They can't prescribe it for addiction, but they can prescribe it for pain. She said they can even put refills on the script. This is news to me. She also said it is an off label use, but this is allowed. I think this woman is in a position to know because she works on a board that I believe is being run or funded by the company that makes Suboxone.

If this is true, it could be a very good thing for many people. Where I live some of these Sub docs charge an arm and a leg just to give you a Sub script. One doc I called charges $400 for the 1st visit and then $280 after that. I was told that if I kept going to him his fee would come down a little as time went on. Obviously I didn't go to him. Another Sub doc charges $100 per visit. This guy is also a General Internist and most of the people in his office weren't there for Sub. He further, accepts insurance for all his services, except for Sub. I didn't keep going to him neither. I called yet another and his quota of patients was full. Talk about a pain in the you know where. And now I hear any doc can write Sub or Bupe, if it's for pain. With me it is definitely for pain. Sure I'm opiate dependent at this point, but I came to be this way due to pain. Back in my party days, opiates were never my favorite things. I don't think I ever even took opiates with the intent of getting high and partying. I just don't like them all that much. I'd rather have some beers. So I take bupe for pain, and if any doc can legally write me these scripts, I really want to know?

Aren't some of you nurses or don't some of you work in the medical field? Maybe you folks can ask some docs that you know? I'd ask about Sublingual buprenorphine to start out, so they know what you're talking about. Then I'd ask about Suboxone.

I mean what the heck. Many of us might be able to save over 100 a month if we can get scripts from our PCP docs. What you all think?