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About 15mins ago I took 1200mg of xl seroquel. 10mg temazepam n 7. 5 zopiclone, kan I overdoese?

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21 Oct 2011

Hi MESS84,
I'm so sorry no one answered your Q!! Please let us know if you are OK this morning? I certainly hope so!!

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Anonymous 21 Oct 2011

Sweet, I just only came upon this myself, don't know how missed it.


21 Oct 2011

Mess84. Very serious here, I certainly hope you are able to read this.Yes, you most certainly can over dose, you can possibly very well lapse into a coma, possibility of even death. I sincerely hope you didn't take the above mentioned dose, and along possibly with any other drugs you might not have mentioned.

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21 Oct 2011

Hi I don't know much about what meds can be mixed but I have a question for you. Was this an attemp of an intemtinal overdose or suicide? Or just trying to take meds to help a medical problem u have. Cause id like to be here to help yu either way. I hope you are ok! Please post on here again let us know how you are!! Thank you

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21 Oct 2011

I just got your Q, please answer if you are OK!! Did you do this by accident? I would have told you to call the ER immediately, but since it is AM, you might want to call your doctor. ARe you OK?? I know that you were upset yesterday, but OD'ing is NOT the answer. You have too many friends here who would support you through, whatever is going through your head. Please answer and let us know if you are up and ok. I really care. Ellen

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21 Oct 2011

Hello MESS84

I am so sorry for the late answer but yes you can OD on these meds, you needed to have someone take you to the ER asap... I, we hope you did and that you are well, I agree with sweet Lemon, let us know how you are please.

All the best,

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22 Oct 2011

... wel-im speechless, i did unfortuntly take this stupid dose, it wasnt my 1st choice, i did end up in hospital, i kum out yesterday, i am bein watched apon by ppl, n was told if no gud progress happens, i may wel b sectiond 4a while.
iv looked on this site b4 n this was the 1st time i wrote anyfin. i wasnt scared afta id taken this cocktail, not really concerned by wot kud happen, i jus wanted 2no. that sounds redictulas-i no, iv not bin well 4quite sum time.
fanku all4 ur concern,i will make effort 2kum on here more often-2chat wiv othas who r goin threw simular fings like me.
fanku again.
tankgirl mess .x.

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MESS84 22 Oct 2011

sory-may i jus add, i didnt mean 2 say-like i was experimentin 2c wot wud happen2me, i dun it 2 escape frm my head.
again fanku2all .x.

Anonymous 22 Oct 2011

Thank God you are alive, we are a here to help you.

Take care,

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