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Had abortion on 4th may, how long need to take rest, when can we have sex? was on 16 week pregnancy?

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tnl120784 14 Jun 2012

ok first of all if you just had an abortion because you weren't smart enough to use protection so u had to kill a 4 month old baby in your tummy then u shouldnt really be concerned about fooling around again... be smarter so innocent babys dont have to suffer and die a horrible death because you cant be responsible.

Lisa01 15 Jun 2012

Dear tnl,
I see you are new here so maybe you don't understand what this forum is all about. People come here looking for answers, information, encouragement and support. Not to be judged or bashed over the head for whatever choices they've had to make in their lives. Since you don't have all the information as to why the choice for an abortion was made, perhaps you could keep the judgmental opinions to yourself.

tnl120784 15 Jun 2012

I see what your saying, I do understand that this is a support group, but if you are a mother you also know thst at 16 weels the baby is already moving its not like she found out at 5 weeks and was like im to young and not ready for this anyways as you said it isnt my place obviously but it is also apparent thst people here dont want the truth either. Maybe there are alot of people who have thought the same thing but i was the only one who had the courage to put it in writing...

Inactive 14 Jun 2012

Hello betsyjoshy. I suggest you give your body a rest. You might ask your doctor for a professional answer/opinion. Regards pledge

Inactive 14 Jun 2012

I am not a doctor that is why I suggest a professionals point of view.

endlessPred 14 Jun 2012

Be aware that after you are pregnant you are much more likely to become pregnant again. See the doctor before you have sex. Condoms are a must.

I am sorry someone slammed you with their personal point of view. Not all are tolerant as this is an open forum. Most are not judgemental.

Be very, very careful. You made a difficult decision. No need to jeopardize your world.

Body usually takes at least six weeks to recover, sometimes more.

ElizaJane23 15 Jun 2012

Yes, I apologize for the other persons explicit form of view. You came here for an answer to a question - not for someone to attack you. Perhaps they can learn from this how to reach out in care and love, like the Good Book says "to love one another" - above all else.

Six weeks is usually the norm. Your body went through an abrupt change, so be good to yourself for awhile - eat right, get enough sleep, etc. And the above poster is correct - be very sure about using birth control. That's part of the abrupt change - your body, your hormones, are set for pregnancy, so you will be very fertile for awhile. You also may be moody until those hormones level out - so be good to yourself. Personally - I can't imagine how hard this must have been. Blessings on you - ElizaJane

bumblebee90 15 Jun 2012

ElizaJane, You took the words right out of my mouth. Judge not lest ye be judged. We may not agree with what someone does, but to plain out judge someone and attack them is not suppose to be our doing. Personally, I beleive that is someone elses job. They may not be for the very thing we're talking about, but we all have skeletons in our closets, and have all done things we're not proud of. Thank you for you're answer Elizajane. Ruthie free discount card

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