good day everyone...

I would just like to ask a question about ABO incompatibilty and how it will affect both kidneys.
last 2008 my little brother was born and a blood transfer happen to my mom. and the result was devastating since they transferred the wrong blood type to my mom. now my mom is suffering from abo incompatibility(I'm not sure if thats what you called the disease since I can't find the answer just by using the search button) and after a while, both of her kidney fail. I never knew about it after she made a letter for me when she went to another country with my step father to get treatments after 3 years. she never told me about her suffering since she is afraid that I can't take what she wanted to say. now that everything is clear. she is suffering from ABO incompatibility and kidney failure on the both sides.she told me that the kidney failure disease is because of hereditary reasons. but do you think the reason for her both kidney to fail is because of the wrong transfusion?
I'm falling apart at the moment because I don't know what to do. I don't want to lose my mother and so is my brother if he inherit the disease from the family.