I've always had more discharge than most but it was always clear/white/milky in texture (aside from ovulating when it was stringy, of course.) but recently (past few months) I've noticed that the consistency had changed. I only realized through, er, fingering, because nothing really leaked out and it was all just sitting inside the vaginal walls apparently, and was white and thick and there was a lot of it, I'd almost describe it as the text book cottage cheese but sometimes it almost had the consistency of lumped together toilet paper, and there was so much so that it was coating my fingers. It's always like this asides from while I'm ovulating or on my period.

I went to see the doctor about it recently and am waiting on results, but I had it checked out a few months back when it wasn't as bad and it came back fine, even though I still have the strange discharge. I don't really have any itchiness, sometimes it'll hurt to pee a bit but other than that my only symptom is this really gross discharge, and if the tests come back clean again I really won't know what to do about it. It's messy and grosses me out, I can't imagine anyone else would also not be grossed out by it and am very insecure about it.

In the meantime I've sort of been cleaning it out as best I can with water, only recently as I think I may have accidentally "douched" (I don't know the technical details of it, I know it's bad for you.) while masturbating in the bath as I was penetrating myself and therefore washing out the discharge. It only takes maybe a day for it to come back, but at the moment I really don't know what to do about this problem and I'd really appreciate some help.