Prior to January 2014 I was bleeding hevy and passing clots often with no breaks. I was finally able to afford to go see the Dr and my obgyn in Mid January. I started on Junel after much discussion, and it seemed to work for about 3 weeks. I had a little break through bleeding. This pack had only 3 weeks, so I thought I was suppose to have a rest week then continue use, as explained in my packet(later my dr explained she wanted me on continual no breaks, I wasn't suppose to have any period at all for now). So about Mid February on Valentines day weekend I had an incapacitate episode of extreme pain, Extreme bleeding with constant large clots (Had to where a tampon, a pad and an adult diaper). I was going through tampons on the 1/2 hr, and pads on the hr. I'd have to where extra protection to not make a mess. It slowly stopped after 2 weeks, I went back to my primary and obgyn. They both said I should had gone to the ER. She told me to continue taking the Junel, I did. Had browning throughout march, Pinking and a lot of pain throughout april, and went back to my obygyn to discuss the continual breakthrough bleeding and pains I was having some days it's still incapacitating. I had another bleeding episode in the beginning of May and it was accompanied with dizziness this time as well as pain. Went to the ER this round, they could find nothing wrong with me as far as blood test go,The Dr said and I quote"on paper you are a perfectly healthy human being" so I got sent home with the advice of keep taking my new pill, and IB profrin for pain. She also told me sometimes women experience this for 6 months before their bodies regulate out normal.There are many who have worse situations than me and not to worry. I have been tested by by dr and obgyn and nothing abnormal is showing up, nothing at all, vitals are perfect. I have had an ultrasound,It is clear. I am having a hard time functioning like this. I have a very physical job as a massage therapist and they are doing all they can to keep me. I suppose my question is, anyone else experience this kind of bleeding? Is it normal to wait? Will my body regulate out after 6 months on this new pill sprintec? I am only 6 Days on it and my bleeding is on going and occasionally painful.The bleeding is not as severe as my February episode but that's why I went to the ER so it wouldn't get that way. In the end my ERdr told me everyones body is different and this is just how yours is functioning... I don't have answers and I don't know were to go to further explore this, I can't function like this. I really want to avoid a hysterectomy but at this point I don't care. I need some kind of direction.