A year ago I was put in a test group for nine months with the VA for depression... not related to PTSD. They prescribed Abilify starting with 2mg which did not help then they up graded to 5mg which did work for my depression. After about 7 months into the trial I started to have involuntary movement of my lower legs and feet like I was constantly dancing. They then lowered my dose again to half pill which did not change my mood so that was good.

After the trial ended they sent me to a nurse practitioner within the group who diagnosed me with Tardrive Dyskinesia, she decided to slowly get me off the Abilify and put me on Venlafaxine 150mg which is working for my depression. Now the dancing has turned into a slow waltz but with constant slight pain and stiffness in my lower legs during the day, but I am unable to relax myself during the day and constantly want to stand, in the evenings prior to bed it gets painful so they put me on Clonazepam .5 mg for anxiety and Cyclobenzaprine 10mg a muscle relaxer to be used prior to going to bed, as I complained of also having shortness of breath panic attacks when I lay down to go to sleep.

Does anyone else have the same problems and what are they doing to help during the day for pain and help with daytime relaxing that won’t make one drowsy. I am retired and 68 years old with C.O.P.D